Satellite television is the latest and greatest technology, providing viewers around the world, clear and crisp pictures, as well as sound. While there remains some minor tweaks, satellite television has out-ranked cable television for a number of reasons. Today, we see more and more people upgrading to an enhanced television solution, which is why the number of providers in the United States and Canada is on the rise.

Keep in mind that in addition to the companies we have provided, many also have independent retailers so the list is actually longer. However, the following United States and Canadian satellite providers are considered top choices with an excellent service and outstanding customer support.

United States

  • DirecTV – Rated as one of the top choices for satellite television, DirecTV was first established in 1994. Today, this satellite provider offers a long list of service such as all digital-quality and multiple channel programming on an 18-inch dish. In addition, DirecTV covers the entire country while offering one of their top features – outstanding parental controls.
  • DISH Network – Also rated among the top choices, DISH Network currently has approximately 20,000 employees, each dedicated to making your experience with satellite television the best it can possibly be.
  • GlobeCast World TV – Considered a world leader in both global and domestic transmission services for audio, video, IP multicasting, internet backbone, and business television, this satellite provider also offers consumers full digital HDTV production, language conversion, network origination services, mobile production, and of course, satellite newsgathering.
  • VOOM – While other satellite providers have excellent and unique services, VOOM is known for being not just the first but also the most comprehensive provider of HDTV programming for home entertainment. Today, VOOM can provide over 35 HD channels, which also includes commercial-free high definition channels, all new and capable of delivering hundreds of viewing hours specific to music, sports, movies, and more.


  • Bell ExpressVU – Rated as one of the top satellite television providers in Canada, this company also offers various services to include phone, wireless, and internet.
  • Star Choice – When it comes to digital satellite television, Star Choice is hard to beat. Now providing viewers with 370 plus channels, Star Choice is an excellent satellite programming solution. Other benefits associated with this particular company include pay-per-view events and movies, state-of-the-art Motorola hardware, onscreen, interactive programming guide, and many excellent programming packages.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the top satellite providers in the United States and Canada. Therefore, you can also conduct a search through any search engine such as In the search field, simply type in the words, “Satellite Providers” and in return, you will receive many additional considerations.

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